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main-pageYou are welcomed company «Arzamas- Metiz» LLC ,

«Arzamas-Metiz» LLC — is a small russian company — a manufacturer of original fasteners and ironwares.

Our mechanical workshops produce fasteners and ironwares of high quality for the aviation industry and engineering.

Headquarters and warehouse of our company in the city Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod region.

Arzamas (also spelled — Arsamas) is a city of Russia located in the of Nizhegorodskaya oblast, about 110 km from Nizhny Novgorod and 410 km from Moscow, at the railways crossroads.

Backed by more than 7 years of experience in manufacturing, we have the resources to fabricate, locate and deliver for you any type of fasteners for aircraft and helicopters.

Our company – «Arzamas-Metiz» LLC — respectable and executive a counterparty.

«Arzamas-Metiz» LLC guided in its activities of principle, namely: «supply the right product at the right time».

That motto means more to us than just a mechanical connection with a rivet, or bolts and nuts.

We have a wide variety of fasteners and ironwares.

Product Specialties — Fasteners for aircraft and helicopters: Bolts, Rivets, Screws, Nuts, Spacer.

Materials for these fasteners include aluminum, steel, titanium and are coated to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion.

Types of fasteners (ironwares) of heads vary from countersunk up to protruding heads based on the aerodynamic requirements of the aircraft or helicopter.

Coding of Fastener of manufacturer – «Arzamas-Metiz» LLC, by an industry standards — from Russian aircraft manufacturing plants (OST, GOST, Technical Terms).

Coding can be found in various fastener books, on the repair drawing, or on the production blueprint.

All items that we offer are certified and licensed.

Our prices — reasonable, and the quality of products — meets the requirements of the international aviation industry.

If you are interested in our products — we are ready to answer your questions.
Please, you can send orders and messages with questions us in English on email:,